Woman In White Rides In – She Totally Steals The Show!

This emotional ride from the Kentucky Reining Cup Freestyle Reining World Championship was a fan favorite. What Heather Johnson did in that competition can be described as sensational showing both her skills and the athleticism of ranch horses.

She completely deserved the title ‘fan favorite’ because the crowd there did not stop cheering for a moment. Since the moment she went out dressed in white and on the back of her horse made the audience love her and be stunned at the same time. The couple showed great harmony in their performance which makes you believe that they are one and they completely trust each other, not to mention the unconditional love between them. What seemed to have a great effect on the audience was the choice of the song as well, leaving a message that moved the whole crowd. Love is universal and love is always the answer! Watch and enjoy this amazing performance!

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