Why Arabians Make Perfect Partners

There are a lot of myths about the Arabian horses that are not at all true. We cannot bring all of them up but we will try to be short and clarify some of them. It is not true that Arabians are too spooky.

The majority of the Arabians are level headed and have a survival intelligence that challenges all the other breeds. It is often discussed that Arabians do not make good trail horses. Arabian horses have been ridden everywhere from riverbeds, mountains, beaches and through trail obstacle courses. Arabians traditionally compete in both English and Western tack “Trail Classes” which shows that these horses have the ability to be fantastic trail partners. For those that say that Arabians are not versatile they are horses that compete in different equestrian sports from racing, jumping, dressage, trail, reining, pleasure, endurance, driving, and even ranch work. They are suited for everything that can be done on horseback. Being a somewhat “fine boned” and “refined” breed, it is easy to mistake the Arabian horse for being “fragile”. As a matter of fact, they are an extremely hardy breed. They have lived and are used in desert, are used as work companions, have carried ranchers along fence lines, have lived and been used in snow. They shine in athletic ability in all types of races, work and terrain such as mountains, rocks, muddy trails, hills, etc. Arabian, the horse to be loved and desired.

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