When A Mini Horse Is Shot In His Own Backyard, One Boy Gives His Savings To Help!

A three-year-old miniature horse, Max, has not had it easy through his life. He was rescued at four months old and Julie Nightlinger adopted him to live with her in Massachusetts. But when he went to live there something really terrible happened, someone shot him in the leg while he was staying in his backyard.

The owners were not really sure if this was a hunting accident or a malicious act but the police started investigating. While the police were doing their job Nightlinger began taking extensive care for her miniature, including surgery and a prosthetic leg, to save his life. “The second my vet saw what damage had been done, she realized that the leg could not be saved,” explains Nightlinger. “I was preparing myself for the worst, but the first thing she said was ‘we’re going to get him a new leg’. She was so positive with what the road ahead held.” She raised $16.000 to save Max and she really believed that Max was going to be OK. She said, “Everyone has been so amazing and supportive for Max and we are SO thankful that we have got this far! It’s such a horrible incident but it’s blossoming into something beautiful.” Now Max is doing so good and is recovering perfectly. Let’s hope that there are more people out there who will contribute to such cases!

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