What Our Body Position Is Telling The Horse?

Horses and people communicate via gestures or otherwise called body language and if we did not understand the body language of a horse we would have a really hard time getting along with these amazing creatures. Horses speak and they send messages to us using their body language and we should really pay great attention to it if we want to establish a great and lasting relationship with a horse. For example, we all know that a pinned ear or a lifted head means “Leave me alone”, a lowered head with a soft eye and sideways ears is a gesture which horses use do draw another horse closer.

There are many gestures that horses use to speak with us but we should also take into consideration the fact that our position also plays a great role in communicating with a horse. We can really send messages to horses by the way we use our bodies, we can invite them or we can tell them to just go away. When we put our bodies in an X position we are literally telling a horse to go away. The X position is standing with open arms away from the shoulders and legs slightly apart.

We normally do not do this around horses but it is better to know that as not to make any wrong gesture when in front of a horse. On the other hand, an “O” shape draws a horse to us. But what is an “O” shape? This can be making a circle with our arms low in front of our body or just bowing the head as if looking the ground. This gesture might really draw a horse closer and establish a good initial connection. We should pay attention to our body language as gestures can have a great effect on your relationship with horses.

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