Ways Your Horse Says “I Love You”!

Whoever owns a horse knows what it means to love him and to share a special bond with him. This special creature offers people something that people can find nowhere else but just by staying beside this noble creature.

We know that horses have their own way to show affection and we will bring some of them up. The moment when they see you and they start whinnying shows that he is waiting eagerly for you and he loves you. When you get closer to him he nuzzles you as if saying that he is there for you, whatever happens. He does not mind the hugs that you give him now and then. When they rest your head on your chest they kind of say ‘I am glad that you are here’. Suddenly and just out of love they give you kisses and they trust you when you want to get them across obstacles. When you call their name they start running towards you happily. When you leave watch the gate as they are always there waiting.

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