Watch This Wonderful Video Of Wild Horses!

Wild horses still roam freely in the Pryor Mountains outside of Lovell, Wyoming. This herd of horses is very special because of its Colonial Spanish American heritage.

This tough little horse, derived from the horses of Portugal and Spain, has been present in this rugged mountain area for nearly 200 years. If lost, the herd cannot be restored and so its biological viability, together with its history, must be preserved. This video tries to show the true nature, so rugged and fit without human interference because we love to see horses roaming wild and free because that is the way how it is intended to be. Seeing those horses roaming free in their natural habitat gives freedom to our hearts and souls. The herd is so unique, so special, so wild. These horses are a part of American heritage and they really are American icons. Let them remain free. Watch this fabulous video!

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