Watch Pat Parelli Foal Imprinting! (Video)

In the video, you will get to see Aspen’s very first day. When both horse (mom) and human (Pat) are teaching him to navigate and explore the world around him.

You will notice how Pat communicates with the youngster just like Scamp (mom) does. How many of the Seven Games do you recognize? You will also notice how Pat takes natural opportunities to teach Aspen to yield from pressure. This is such an awesome video that speaks to purposes. It is a video uploaded with such an awesome exertion and has the craving and commitment to benefit you or inform you about the smart integration of relationship between horse and human. Aspen trusted them so much from this imprinting method, and was never let down by their promise to put the relationship first. They learn to trust you and offer so much in the following years if you continue with the attitude of justice. What is so amazing is how patient and trusting the mothers’ of domestic foals are. You can tell she is nervous about Pat touching her foal but she never panics. Considering horses are not known for being overly intelligent, maternal instinct to protect her baby (with force) is overridden by trust in humans that I would imagine takes a great deal of time to build. Watch this lovely video!

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