Unique Colored Icelandic Stallion!

Ellert from Baldurshagi is very special. He is an Icelandic stallion with a distinct color from any other horse. Ellert has a dark brown back, white legs and belly and drizzle of white all over his neck and shoulders. In Iceland, they have invented a name for Ellert’s color and it is called the drizzled skewbald. A skewbald horse has a coat made with patches and a base of brown, chestnut or bay and drizzled because he has white sprinkled on him.


Dr. Freyja Imsland, who is a professor in genetics, has made some genetic research on Ellert. He says that Ellert has a genetic trait that caused this coloration and he is the only horse in the world of this colour. Dr. Imsland also adds that new colours arising are very rare and this is a special opportunity for horse breeders because this kind of genetic trait will increase the diversity in Icelandic horses but not only in colour but also in size, appearance, speed, behavior and many other things. We hope that his foals will be just like him, because he is truly magical and unique.

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