Best Friends Act Goofy For The Camera!

What are you going to see in this video are two horse best friends. One of them is a stallion and the other one is a gelding. They are called Mac and Cal. Both are acting goofy for the camera. They are biting and annoying each other. They have very silly personalities and you can clearly see it.


But at one moment Cal gets very annoyed and angry. He wants Mac to stop biting him, but he just will not stop. So Mac roars at him and wants to bite him aggressively that way the acting to the camera ends there. But we can clearly see that they are best friends because if there was another horse in Mac’s place, Cal would attack him even more and would not stop there. Horses are very loyal to each other and to people, too. For someone watching for the first time, this could be a scary video. Everything is nice and quiet, the horses are playing around and acting silly and then one of them roars. But watching it over and over and knowing horses a little bit you know that they are just playing and acting silly. Horses have such unique personalities. Watch the video for more!

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