A Day In The Life Of A Little Cowgirl!

If you treat a horse right, he is going to treat you that way, too. In this video you are going to see a day in the life of a little cowgirl. This cute little girl has a really good relationship with her horse and does the little things that every horse appreciates. She grooms her horse, gives him treats and kisses. The horse certainly looks like he enjoys spending time with her.

They truly have a great relationship.   The parents of the little girl need a lot of credits, too. They have taught their daughter to be respectful, kind and caring to animals and that is greatly needed in today’s world. Even though horses can be sometimes dangerous, it looks like her parents really trust that horse and believe that he would never intentionally hurt her. Relationship between horses and little girls like this are very rare and every parent would want a horse like this for their child. Treating horses like she does is wonderful and they teach so many valuable lessons in life. Watch the video for more!

Toddler Spends Day with Favorite Horse

A day in the life of a cowgirl 🐴via Poke My Heart

Posted by Every Mom on Thursday, January 11, 2018

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