Therapy Horse Helps Little Boy Blossom!

Gavin was a ballet dancer and spent a lot of time with his aunt’s horses but after suffering some serious injuries, part from ballet and part of a car accident, he had to give up both of them.

He began following a physical therapy to getting back to normal but this seemed not to work well. As he went to his aunt and stood outside watching the horses her aunt asked him if he wanted to ride again. She did not expect an answer but started saddling up her gentlest horse, Chief, before Gavin even spelled a letter. He stood still and he was a little nervous and even though he rode for about 10 minutes he could not forget about his past injuries but the ride boosted his self-esteem, gave him confidence that he could do things he used to do before. Horses really have a certain way of making you feel different. The staff at the Camp Cheerful Therapeutic Horsemanship Program in Ohio – together with the little boy whom the horses helped becoming better knows the healing power of horses well. As Gavin has had communicating difficulties through this program his communication skills have become better and improved. His mother says, “The way that he connects with the horse has really brought him from his own world more into our world. Since he started riding the horse, I just feel like his language skills have blossomed.” This experience has been not only moving but also uplifting. Please share this amazing story!

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