The Icelandic Horse – A Viking Treasure!

Icelandic horses are considered in Iceland as their Vikings treasure. They are a big part of their history. Iceland’s rare breed of wild horses was brought to the country about 900 AD.  Even though judging them by their size, they are as small as ponies, local people will always say that they have the weight, the bone structure, intelligence and strength of a horse. But Icelandic horses are very special. They are resilient to the harsh weather conditions of Iceland and that’s not suitable for standard horses.


One of the owners of these horses says that Iceland would never be what it is without the horses. They were used for transportation, riding and agriculture purposes. Now they are used for attracting tourists, leisure riding, and popular competitions. Apart from thriving in harsh conditions, Icelandic horses have other specific traits.  One of the most notable attributes is its five gaits. They have two additional gaits other than three standard gaits of walk, trot, and gallop. The Icelandic horse comes in a variety of colors and it is said in Icelandic mythology that each color reflects a horse’s personality. Icelandic horse now live as half wild and half-tamed. They all have owners but they all are let free in the summer. Icelandic horses are unique animals. Watch the video for more and share your opinions!



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