The Unique Technique Of Taming Wild Mustangs!

In this video you are going to watch the part from the TV program “Taming Mustangs”. In this program horse trainers pick up mustangs from a location and they train the horses for 4 months to prepare them for competition. The competition is held in New Jersey and is called the “Extreme Mustang Makeover”.  Mustangs are known to be wild and very hard to train and that’s why this program is so interesting.


The trainers go through so many difficulties because of the nature of the horses. Even though they are hard to train, the trainers, as it is said in the video by one of them Ashley Winch, should be brave because the horse will be brave too as they can feel your energy. Taming these mustangs is very unique because they are different from any kind of horse breed and you never know enough about them, which means you need to be able to adapt to them. You need to not show that you are scared and earn their confidence first because that way they won’t see you as a threat which will make them show their true behavior. Watch the video for more!

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