Students With Asperger’s Develop Social Skills Through Interaction With Horses!

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the development of the brain, particularly in the areas of communication and social interaction. Asperger’s Syndrome is a milder form of autism involving significantly less developmental challenges.

People with Asperger’s generally have good communication skills and repetitious behaviors may be much subtler. Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding have long been used to provide people with hope for the future and had a good effect on their communication and social skills. This type of program has benefits for children, youth, and adults that have physical and developmental disabilities. Therapeutic Riding has many of the same benefits, but it is more of a recreational riding program for the disabled and does not usually involve a physician’s supervision. This kind of therapy gives these children a sense of themselves, their bodies and increased contact and interaction with the surrounding world. They increase their self-confidence because they learn how to interact and work with their horses. What an amazing animal a horse is! Watch the video!

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