She Watched A Horse Birth , But What Happened Next Shocked Her!

When Princess the horse gave birth to her foal at the University of Minnesota’s Leatherdale Equine Center, her caretakers were overjoyed. They had not even known she was pregnant!

But then things took a scary turn and not only was Princess expecting, but she was also carrying twins. Twin horse births are very rare because in most cases very few of the foals survive. As a matter of fact, only 1% of these newborns manage to survive and make it to adulthood. These foals really were in a critical condition but it seemed that they did not want to give up easily showing themselves to be great and full of life inside. They were taken really good care of and hardly a minute went by without someone keeping an eye on them. Against all odds, the foals made it and were sent to where they belonged, home. Life truly really does find a way! If you find this story inspiring share it with your friends!

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