She Stood On The Horse – What Came Next Will Get You Amazed!

You think vaulting is easy and does not take much to perform, well, you have not tried it but only by watching this video it makes us think that vaulting requires special skills and abilities to do it the right way.

What you are going to watch in this video is Lisa Wild winning the individual female competition in Munich, Simone Jaiser from Switzerland who came second and Sarah Kay from Germany finishing third. Vaulting is a really old and prestigious sport which was actually invented in the medieval era. They practiced vaulting so that the knights could use their sword without having to hold onto the horse and so they could move a lot more while on the horse. Of course, nowadays vaulting is a lot more graceful and beautiful and this is why it has been turned in to a show and a competition. It seems like the ultimate trust exercise because you have to completely trust your horse and vice versa. The girls performing in this video are very talented and the horses are absolutely gorgeous. It requires a lot of time to develop those skills. A lot of trust, passion, and skill, must go into this sport, for both horse and rider. What a great job they do! Watch and enjoy the video!

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