She Gets Down Next To A Horse On The Ground – This Will Take Your Breath Away!

The magical land and equine higher beings offer re-connection,re-vitalization, and healing, dispelling the illusion, shifting consciousness and tuning and raising personal and universal vibration.

This is how I view and desire interaction with equines. It is about connecting with them as spiritual equals, healers and teachers. It is tragic that this type of relationship and appreciation is so rare in the equine industry, not to mention that there is a lot of abuse. Mother Hildegard George, ‘The Tao of Horses: Reflection’, says, “Horses represent the other part of self, the child-like innocence and openness to all things new, what we want to be. When we are open to them, they bring us back to our deeper self.” And as a matter of fact, this is how all horses should have a chance to live. This clip is so beautiful and you can easily tell they are happy. My heart swelled as I watched this video and a smile was on my face the entire time. What they do at this retreat for the horses is just so awesome! To watch them run free as a heard, naturally was wonderful. We should really thank these people for giving them this place and for the human to horse connection they allow. I will surely put it on my bucket list of must visits. Watch and enjoy!

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