Secretariat – Footage of Kentucky Derby 1973!

Kentucky Derby 1973 was probably one of the graces races of all time and what you are going to watch is a footage of that race showing Secretariat win the race.

It is a race footage which shows the greatness of this horse. Even though he had a short career, 16 months, he showed the world that he was maybe the greatest horse of all time breaking so many records during its career. No horse has ever run from the top of the turn to the wire as fast as Secretariat did that day. It was breathtaking. As he passed under the wire there was bedlam in the stands and many were unabashedly weeping. It was a performance for the ages. Robert Davis, who was present at the race, recalls “To this day I recall the amazement, the exhilaration, the incredulity, the sheer unbelievability of what I was seeing (in the Belmont). I had a strange, unexpected, but the unmistakable impression that God was visiting us all somehow. I was not a believer at the time. But at that moment I knew there was a God, even though the feeling passed and I didn’t find him until several years later. The announcer must have felt the same way because I remember what he said: “It was as if God had decided to make the perfect racehorse.” To that, I say, forty-four years later, Amen!” Watch the video and enjoy it!

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