Preventing Horse Abuse Should Be Our Prior Goal!

It seems that the term horse abuse is not at all understood by people. A lot of them think that horse abuse has to do with beating the horse or engaging the horse in hard work, exhausting him and exploiting him to the limits. It is true. These are some of the abuses that the animal goes through. But have you ever thought about the methods used for their preparation in competitions of different kinds? That is really abusive.

We love and adore horses because they are powerful, loyal, extraordinary creatures. They are incredible at competitions that so much effort from them but not many of us raise the voice to tell about the abuse and torment that they might suffer. It is really essential to know that the methods used in their preparation are in the best horse’s interest because winning the competition is important for the rider or owner but having the horse do what you want out of love is the most important of all. They are cases when the riders see only their aim and goal and behave cruelly with the horse and that kind of behavior is unacceptable. Is it normal for a horse to have a noseband and chain under the jaw? Is it good for the horse to have a double twisted wire gag with one rein and a running martingale? I definitely say it is not alright. This horrible for horses, sometimes blood comes out of their mouths and this is not a great picture to be seen. Raise awareness horse lovers. Do not let this happen. Raise your voice, now! Please SHARE!

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