Pregnant Horse Is Ready To Give Birth – Vets Announce A “Miracle”!

We all know that horses very rarely give birth to twins because usually only one of them survives. But when this happens and the twins are safe and sound it makes the news. Veterinary surgeon Nicolas Jarvis, who works at a UK horse sanctuary, said: “Although mares quite often conceive twins, it is rare that both embryos survive.

If you have two foals, they are vying for space and the chances of them coming out alive and well are slim.” This is what happened to Emma, defining all the odds. She gave birth to twins and both of them survived which caused amazement in vets and when the news spread over the internet all horse lovers were amazed, too. Grace and Will, such as the foals are called, are in good health and are checked regularly by the vets. They are being taken great care by the owners as they consider this to be a miracle and want to devote all their strength to growing these foals healthily. They also want to make sure the foals do not experience any problems as the first two weeks is essential to check on them regularly as it is a high possibility that complications arise. It was a blessing to have such wonderful twin foals. Share this with your friends!

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