Pony shows tremendous carefulness

Horses are so intelligent and friendly creatures and you are going to see both of those things in this video. A little pony is laying on the ground and two girls are playing with him. He is not dead or sick, he is simply laying down, having a rest and the two cute girls are cuddling him and laying their heads on its belly. The pony is so good and careful with the children.


Even though this situation looks so cute, it is also dangerous. And the parents filming this video are putting their children through a risky situation. There is a moment in this video where the pony tries to get up and the little girl is in her way. And there is the moment where the pony shows its tremendous cleverness and carefulness. He hesitates to allow the girl to move her feet out of the way so he doesn’t make her fall over. The girl could have been hurt but the pony saved her. Ponies behave so well with children and they love to play around with them. Luckily this situation ended well and there was no harm done. Watch the video for more!

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