Newborn Foal Doesn’t Want To Go Outside For The First Time! (Video)

Usually, foals are a little bit more excited to finally leave the stall for the very first time but it does not happen so with the miniature in the clip, Sienna! Foals try and want to go after their mom but Sienna seems to be a little afraid to go out even though mom calls her several times.

She just stands there watching and trying to figure out what it is like going out there, is it dangerous? She seems scared and extra effort is required to make a step outside. Finally, help arrives and with extra effort Sienna steps outside but it was quite a struggle making Sienna go outside. But as soon as she knows what freedom means she really enjoys it and starts running and following her mother. Just like little babies, foals also need to be taught to go outside and face the challenges themselves. Watch this cute and adorable foal!

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