Mare Was Captured On Camera Protecting Her Baby!

They say that a mother’s love knows no limits, but how far will she go to protect her baby? As you will see in this video a mother horse will not allow the workers to take her baby away. At first she warns them and shows that she is unhappy, and the reason she does this is because they are departing her from her loved one. They still insist on taking it and then the mother attacks. They didn’t leave her any choice.


You can’t just walk in a stall and take a mother’s baby away. You need to work with the horse, show lots of patience and earn her trust. If she doesn’t feel comfortable and thinks that her baby is in danger she will do everything to protect him and sometimes even attack. We all know that horses are very intelligent beings and have great memory so she must have seen something wrong and she reacted. Either way, if the workers were trying to help the little baby, they should have tied the mare in the stall or took the mare away with her, too. That way the worker wouldn’t have been attacked by the mare and everything would be alright. We hope that he didn’t suffer any major injuries, even though he made a major mistake. Watch the video for more!

Mother🐴 protecting 💪 her son 🐎 – Power of Moms – 😮

Posted by Animals Impact on Sunday, February 4, 2018

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