Man surrounded by Icelandic Horses!

We wrote before in another article about the Icelandic horses and their characteristics. In this video you are going to watch something amazing happening. A man has walked into the fields where wild Icelandic horses prance around. He finds himself surrounded by these majestic horses. The horses are just as curious as the man behind the camera to know each other. This incredible sight is not something you see every day in other countries.


Icelandic horses tend to be friendly, curious and easy to handle and you can clearly see that in this video. They don’t get easily spooked and aggressive, probably because as a result of not having natural predators in their native country, Iceland. Everyone would love to be in this man’s place. With the beautiful nature surrounding them this is one of the best moments to ever have. Thankfully this guy caught it all on camera. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, not just for humans but for animals, too. Icelandic horses should be appreciated a lot, you don’t see horses act this way normally. They are so easy-going and friendly. Surely the man who caught this on camera is so lucky. Watch this video for more and share your opinions with us!

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