Loose Stallion Chases Down Gelding During The Show! (Video)

Something strange happened at the Woodside Horse Trials when a stallion went after a gelding thinking it was a mare. As funny as it seems it was a really dangerous situation for the rider of the gelding which we can fully say that she handled the situation quite perfectly.

Credits also to the gelding as we are impressed how calm he was and how he handled everything so quietly, even though at the beginning we see him kick the stallion. He not only stayed remarkably calm during the stallion’s “visit”, but then re-focused and went right back to work on the course. Of course, owners, trainers, and riders have to get control of their stallions before taking them to public shows as anything unexpected can happen. If a horse injures someone else’s horse maybe the owner could be facing a lawsuit. Take measures these situations do not happen anymore! Fortunately, neither of them was hurt or injured but once the stallion got to know that it was a gelding he just stood there. Watch the video for more!

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