Girl Falls Off Horse In Epic Wipe Out!

Showjumping can be a dangerous sport and requires a lot of training. Even trying a little jump is very difficult. And Emma doesn’t think so. She was riding her horse Mel and a fallen tree appeared in their way. She wants to jump over it but she is in for a big surprise. Mel clearly jumps over the fallen tree but Emma hasn’t done it before so she loses her balance and falls on the ground. The fall is really bad, she tries to hold on to the horse but to no avail.


The sound after she falls is really bad too. Thankfully, Emma was not badly hurt and she only felt a little sore the next day. We all should appreciate showjumping riders more. They go through a lot of training preparing to showjump. It requires tremendous skill, agility and balance and Emma clearly doesn’t have all of those. That’s why we shouldn’t try showjumping if we haven’t trained to do it. It is really dangerous if you don’t have the proper training and you can have devastating injuries trying to do it. Watch the video for more and share your opinions with us!

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