Important Facts and Rules of Playing The Sport of Equestrian

Equestrian refers to riding on the back of horse which involves riding, driving and vaulting with horses. The events related to equestrian were included in the Olympics in 1990. There are many forms of equestrian which are known all over the world like Dressage, show jumping and even ting. This sport is popular in countries like Australia, United States and many countries of Europe. This sport involves two types of ridings which are English and western.

In order to play show jumping or even ting you need to be at least 18 years old. Other categories like dressage and Para dressage you should be at least 16 years old. In addition the horses used in dressage needs to be at least 8 years age, 6 years for Para dressage and nine years for show jumping. Greenwich Park is the oldest Royal Park to play this sport. This park is situated in London and dates back to 1433.

The horses which take part in this sport should be owned by the person who has the same nationality as the competitor. The preparation of the Olympic equestrian site at Greenwich Park was started in 2010 and the test for this event was held in July 2011. This test involved a cross country race which has a small area. Surprisingly around 8000 tons of surfaces were used for the warm –up areas and the arena at the event of Greenwich. In addition there were 3745 bales of shavings and 11000 metres of string was used for this great event at Greenwich Royal Park.
The London 2012 Equestrian games

There were six gold medals which were offered in the London 2012 Equestrian sports. There were around 200 athletes which took part in this fabulous event. As far as Paralympics equestrian competition was concerned 78 riders took part in the competition. London became the first city in the world to host this popular sport three times in 1908, 1948 and 2012. Poland entered the Olympic team in the event of dressage in the year 1980.

The sport of riding on the back of horse is known as Equestrian. This sport require great amount of endurance and stamina. The coordination between the rider and the horse plays a very important role in this sport. In addition you need to have good control on your horse with proper timing. You need to make sure that you along with your horse undergo proper training on regular basis because failing to do so can hamper the performance in this sport to a great extent.

Various types of riding in the sport of Equestrian – Show jumping: Show jumping is a type of riding in Equestrian sport and involves the rider to ride a horse in a given time. The rider has to jump while riding the horse. The rider has to make sure that he jumps with his horse in a perfect manner and there is no knocking down while jumping. A rider who jumps first without any knocking is declared the winner. The different types of jumps which the rider is supposed to perform are vertical, oxer and combinations.

Dressage: In this type of riding the horses are not required to jump. The riders are judged on the basis of obedience of their horses towards them. The rider and his horse have to accomplish a certain set of sequence in this type of riding. In this riding letters are kept in the arena in order to track the movements of the rider and the horse.

One of the main attraction of this riding is ‘Dancing on Horseback’ which is a type of freestyle performed by the participants. The riders wear breeches, blouse, coat and hat in this sport. This riding involves extensive training of many years to perform in the competition.

Eventing: Eventing is a combination of show jumping, dressage and cross country into a single sport. The inclusion of cross country makes this sport different from other equestrian sports. In this event the horse has to gallop over the jumps at great speed and ensure that there is no knocking while jumping. Stone walls, logs, ditches, banks and water are used as obstacles which the rider is supposed to jump. This riding involves the horse to be in great shape besides displaying great stamina and courage.

The qualities of successful Equestrian athletes: The world of equestrian is very large as it involves many people. This sport is not just limited to two people but it requires support and coordination from many people. Unlike many other sports equestrian requires extensive training for many years coupled with great discipline. This sport has been in existence from a long time which is also one of the main reasons of its immense popularity. Although this sport has become quite common but it not everybody’s cup of tea as it requires proper funding and equipment. Here we will talk about the qualities of successful equestrian athletes.

They have good work ethic: The equestrian athletes have great work ethics and are known to get up early and stay for longer duration. These athletes do not even bother about the cold winter season and follow their routine in every situation. The good news for these athletes is that their hard work pays them and it does not go unnoticed by their respective recruiting coaches. These athletes are capable of making the best use of their time and resources.
They are excellent team players: These athletes are not just champion for themselves but they are thorough team champions. The college sports gives these athletes the chance to win or lose as a team which develop a sense of team spirit amongst them. These players understand very well that it takes more than their win to be successful in this sport.

They are fabulous riders: It is quite obvious that they are exceptional riders but in order to compete at a university level you need to have a strong base. These are the one who have positive thinking and are able to adapt quickly without being told by anyone. These riding skills are their backbone and helps a great deal in their performance on the field.

They always want to learn something new: This sport is different from other games as it requires constant learning and hard work. They are ready to adapt themselves to new horses and unexpected scenarios within no time. This quality of the equestrian athletes makes them responsible and future riders of this sport.

They are confident in skills: They may not be 100% accurate but they are very skilled riders. They believe in themselves and their capabilities and always expect to win. These athletes work with a heavy animal like horse and dealing with such an animal to perform certain set activities require lots of confidence. It is a fact that whether a rider is confident or not it can be very well judged by the horse. It is their exceptional level of confidence which makes them perform perfectly for end number of times.

They learn from their teammates: They are always open to learn new things. Each and every rider has their own skills and expertise and there is always room for improvement. The best of the riders always learn from their team members and expand their sets of skill.

They work out and feel good about themselves: This gesture of the riders speaks about their confidence level. They are able to recognise themselves as athletes and always want to adjust according to the situation. These athletes work out on a regular basis which not only keeps them fit but also helps them to prevent any related injuries. It is always good to work out as it makes them more agile and fit.

They take failure as motivation: These athletes do not take failure as negative and there are athletes which have lost it completely not once but many times. The good thing about them is that in spite of the failure they have vision for success. They only focus on things which they think are right to do which shows their positive approach. Even if they have failed in an event on the field they are not demotivated and always try to improve in future activities.

They hit the books: If you are a student thinking to ride in college you need to study. The equestrian athletes at college level are expected to maintain good level of GPA. The best athletes are the one who have mastered the art of time management. This is necessary as travelling to various competitions does not have any negative impact on their grades. These athletes use their sacrifice in sports as a factor of motivation to perform better in academics.

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