If You Feel Sad, Remember That Horses Can Grow Moustaches!

Probably few of us know that horses can grow moustaches but this is not true for all the breeds of horses but mainly the Gypsy Vanners. Gypsy Vanners are known for their beauty and their marvelous mane, a real beauty to be seen, as well as their hair around their lower legs. This makes this breed of horses look really special and delights the eye that watches them.

And the moustache can occur to any horse that carries the right gene, be it a male or a female. There are different reactions on the internet regarding the growing moustache of the mares, some like it but some really dread it, they find it to be the vilest thing ever. One of the owners showed to be more like a skeptical one by saying, “It’s kinda cute in a weird way, but if it was my horse I would shave it off for sure!!” our staff thinks that horses that grow a moustache look really cute and sometimes fabulous if the moustache matches the mane. What do you think? Watch some pictures below and tell us your opinions!

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