How To Properly Groom Your Horse?

All of us have heard the quote “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” and all of us know that this is true because sometime in our lives we have experienced something and just told ourselves afterwards “If only I could do that again and act differently.”

The same happens with horses when they take part in a show, competition or race. It is exactly when you enter the arena that the judge gives his full attention to make his initial assessment. What does that mean? The first thing the judges see and take into consideration is the horse’s overall appearance and presentation and this is a chance that should not be missed but a chance to take advantage of. We should take into consideration that not only the horse’s performance is important but also its appearance. Grooming is surely one of the most important parts of the presentation of a horse and if you want your horse to look great and magnificent just groom it. A judge, Richard Petty, says, “Grooming plays a big part in overall eye appeal to me, no matter what the class is. A well-turned-out rider and horse is what a horse show is all about. You can tell when an exhibitor is proud of the job they are doing in presenting their horse.” Watch some advice how to groom the horse as they might be helpful!

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