How Bits Work – Gag’s, Snaffles And Their Actions

We all know how bits work and we think that we know all about it, that it is not difficult to get to know how each bit mechanically operates.

It is not always the case and the right thing to do to use a strong bit because certain horses react differently to different bits. Using ‘les’ bit can sometimes be more beneficial than using a ‘strong’ one. There exist bitting schemes for people to use in horse training and understanding how these bits work, the pressure they impose on the horse and the degree of the pressure is a must for every horse rider. There are a lot of bits available in the market which range from traditional varieties to more complicated patterns and all of them might or might not achieve much in terms of horse training and riding. Bomber Nel talks about the actions that different gags and snaffles play on the horses. Watch and share!

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