Hilarious Horse Refuses To Stand Up!

This video you are going to see is truly hilarious. This funny horse has decided to sit down and relax in the sun.  The woman is asking him to stand up but he clearly doesn’t want to. She even gives him treats but he simply will not move. The horse doesn’t refuse the treats and he even smiles but he doesn’t want to move from there. He is either very lazy or very smart. And we all know how smart they can be.


Horses lay down occasionally but sitting down is very different. But he surely is a trick horse and he was trained to sit down and that is his favorite trick for sure. The woman begs him to follow her but he is a true rebel and doesn’t even bother. Every horse has a unique personality and character and this one is showing his. He is sitting down like a dog, enjoying his time, relaxing and showing his stubbornness. But often when horses show this, they want to communicate something to their owner and he clearly says that he wants to relax. He is truly special. Watch the video and share your opinions!


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