Horses Have the Power to Heal Emotional Wounds!

Those loving horses and dealing with them daily can surely see what a huge impact horses can have on a person and how horses are such wonderful animal that they can heal emotional wounds. A woman named Mary experienced this kind of emotional recovery while being in contact with a horse and also creating a bond with him.

According to a blog entry in Huffington Post, “Mary was asked to walk over to a horse named Daisy and pick up and clean all four of her feet. Mary tried everything she could think of, making noises, pinching the horse’s leg, even verbal pleading to get Daisy to lift up a hoof, but nothing worked. After about five minutes Mary stopped trying and tears started rolling down her cheeks. Mary was asked to come back and share with the group what she was thinking and feeling. She said, ‘I feel like such a failure. I hate myself for not being able to do this.’ The therapist said, ‘Mary, have you ever done this before?’ Mary said, ‘No.’ The therapist said, ‘Why didn’t you ask for help?’ Mary said, ‘It’s embarrassing.’ Then she paused, thought for a moment, and almost absentmindedly added, “That’s probably why I don’t like to try anything new.” What she experienced with the horse gave her an insight into herself, making known to herself her faults and her weaknesses but at the same time awoke in her the desire to change it. Realizing this and being aware of what was wrong with her allowed her to work towards healing her wounds. But horses do not contribute to only this, horses also help with disabilities and dealing with traumatic events. Horses are just amazing!

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