Horses Are Born To Be Free And Not Under Control!

It is true that horses are amazing and magnificent creatures and God created them to be a part of man’s life and serve the man as long as the man does not abuse them. But the cases are not rare when horses are abused and are not treated properly, sometimes even slaughtered as they are not considered of service anymore to the man.

But one thing is for sure true, horses are born free and nothing and no one can take their freedom away even if it seems that you have them under control. Horses have a mind of their own, if they do not want to do anything they do not do it and vice versa. What you are going to watch in this clip is some fails, some of them are really hard and might have caused injuries to the rider, but all this is done with the purpose of raising awareness. Do not mistreat your horses, be good to them in order that they respond you the best way possible. They are amazing creatures and let’s enjoy them as long as we have them around. Watch the video!

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