Horse Was ‘Shot With More Than 120 Paintballs.’ Celebrity Hero Soon Steps In To Save The Day!

The SPCA and New Holland police are investigating an incident concerning a horse which was found abandoned and malnourished in a stall at New Holland Sales Stables.

Lily, the white pony mare, was emaciated and blind in one eye. It was shot with more than 120 paintballs and she was in terrible pain when the police found it. New Bolton Center at Kennett Square, a leading veterinary hospital, immediately began treating her. Although they had high hopes of saving both of her eyes, unfortunately, one eye had to be removed. SPCA director Susan Martin was saddened by the pony’s pain and said, “It was disturbing and upsetting. What took me back was how sore the horse was when I touched her. Horses can tolerate a lot of pain, but because she was so thin, there was no muscle to cover its bones. My guess is that the shots potentially bruised the bones.” But as God leaves no one alone, the actors Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey stepped in and adopted the poor horse. They own a farm in New Jersey where they house and care for a number of animals that have been rescued. At the same time authorities offer $1000 for anyone who can give information on who made such a horrible act.

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