Horse Steals The Spotlight On Bride’s Big Day!

It might seem unusual but a horse named Cricket stole the spotlight of her owner on her best day. As Patti Womer was posing for pictures on her wedding day on the back of her horse, Cricket stole the show when she was caught smiling on the camera.

But what Womer told the journalist was that Cricket was shaking flies off her head when it appeared as if she was smiling with her teeth out. Womer said she included Cricket and her other horse, Dutch, in her wedding pictures in memory of her father who had passed away and really loved those two horses. She said, “My dad passed away in May of 2016 and I wanted to incorporate him in some way, and they were the first horses we bought together when I was 8. I thought the photo was hilarious.” The photo has gone viral on Facebook and it received millions of likes and shares. While the photographer said, “It was a brief two or three seconds that the horse’s teeth were showing, and I was hoping we got it. I thought it was an awesome photo.” Womer is now thinking of hanging this photo in her home.

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