Terrible Horse Riding Fails And Falls!

What are you going to see is some terrible fails and falls from some riders. You need a lot of time to train and have the trust of the horse. In some cases, in this video, the riders were hurting the horses and they suffered from it. They were pulling the horses’ reins, making them act against their will and they totally deserved it.


But there are some cases where horses act in their own mind. They refuse to do a jump or don’t want you anymore on their back. We all know how hard it is to control them. But before even trying to ride, what is important is to have a good relationship with them. We should never scare, threaten or even make them uncomfortable, they won’t allow someone that they don’t like to ride them. If they feel that you are not dangerous to them and you have a bond with them, the chances to fall off a horse because they want to drop you off are so rare. There were some bad falls in this video and we wish that nobody was badly hurt and everything is alright. Watch the video and share your opinions with us!

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