Facial Expressions Show Horse’s Emotional Side!

We all know that horses are highly intelligent animals, but they are emotional too. In this video you are going to see a horse doing hilarious facial expressions. He is clearly showing his funny side and his admiration for his owner. Horses use their facial expressions to communicate with one another and in this case with people too. Scientists have made many researches on these facial expressions and they came to the conclusion that the horse’s facial expressions are very similar to ours.


For example horses show their teeth when they want to “smile” or widen their eyes when they are scared and when they don’t want to be in a negative situation. They can read people’s emotions and they can distinguish positive emotion in people’s faces and negative emotion also. And this thing is also identified by their facial expressions. When a human is showing negative emotion, the horse moves his head to the left and gives you a sideway look. These facial expressions and facial movements are also identified in dogs and cats. Horses are emotional and socially sophisticated animals but how they really feel and how they express it, is still not very clear. If we did we would be able to treat them the right way and understand them better. Watch the video and share your opinion with us!

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