Equestrians – In Pursuit Of Perfection!

Time, determination, patience, endurance, integrity, cooperation, ambition, grace-this is the recipe of equestrians. Living amongst the stereotypes, ignoring the ignorant to achieve greatness, creating a bond with a magnificent creature who speaks to us through silence, who teaches us the power of patience, who teaches us that this is an art, a therapy and a sport is nothing but love and trust towards the horse and search for the perfection in oneself.

Real equestrians do not have enough of something, they just want to give more and more of themselves and over obstacles, they sore elegantly finalizing the dance. They want to teach the world the truth about them as they are constantly in pursuit of perfection. And it is amazing what they show us and it is so true that you only understand equestrianism is more than a hobby if you do it yourself. This video is great because it really represents the attitude of horses and equestrians as a team. Watch the video!

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