Dumb Guy Tries To Jump On The Horse’s Back In The Wrong Way!

What you are going to see in this video is something you should never do. A guy does a stupid thing and tries to jump straight into the horses back and gets kicked by the horse in mid-air. He falls directly to the ground in a bad way. The guy is lucky he didn’t feel the hooves but only the horse’s legs. By watching the video we can say that he totally deserved it.


Moving towards a horse at full speed isn’t a good idea and trying to jump on his back neither, it makes the horse feel threatened and he will naturally react. Luckily, even though he does a stupid thing, he does not suffer any injuries and walks straight up. This thing should not be done by normal people. Only professionals who have done it many times could manage to do this technique. By doing dumb things like this, you should be prepared to face the consequences. The horse will defend himself and you might suffer. We shouldn’t make the horses feel threatened, scared or annoyed because their natural instincts make them act this way and this totally was not a good idea. Watch the video for more!



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