David Lichman And His Horses Playing At Liberty!

Watching horses perform at liberty is often described as magical. Those who practice this type of training will tell you that asking a horse, who is bound to you only by respect, trust, and playful curiosity, to perform a task and having him comply is humbling.

But, in truth, there is no magic involved, it is a matter of time, patience and understanding. There are a lot of advantages and benefits while you work with horses, you can have fun playing with them, you can learn to communicate with them more effectively, you can learn new things, you can understand their feelings, you can also improve your movements around horses. All this will make your relationship with the horse stronger not only on the ground but also in the saddle. This is what Liberty intends, working with a free and willing horse. what you are going to watch in this clip is David Lichman and his horses playing at liberty and riding bareback and bridleless on miles of open beach at Pt. Reyes, California. If you look at their ears perked forward and also the licking and chewing you understand that these horses love doing this and they trust and love their trainer so much. It is absolutely stunning! Watch and enjoy the video!

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