Carriage Horse Collapses In Busy Manhattan Street After Driver Pushed It To Make A Green Light!

According to Bogdan Paul Angheluta he saw the horse fall and claimed that he saw the driver screaming at the horse but all this has been denied by the driver.

A 14-year-old carriage horse collapse in the middle of a busy street in Manhattan as the diver pushed it to make a green light. The witness was coming out of a club when he saw the rider screaming at the horse and when the horse fell, its breathing was hard and slow. The horse clearly seemed exhausted but the driver denied all these claims and said that the horse tripped and fell. Angheluta said, “I’m 100% positive. The driver was forcing him to make the light. After the horse remained there for 20 minutes without moving and the police had blocked off the intersection some men from the horse’s stable came and backed the horse up. The police told him that there was no need to worry but this situation made the only witness so frustrated. He said, “I was yelling at them. I was angry.” Angheluta went on to send photos to the animals-rights group NYCLASS. They contacted the police and after an investigation and an examination by a veterinarian, the department determined that the horse had tripped and fell. Please share and let people know the real truth!

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