Bronc Bought To Be Used For Ranch Work (VIDEO)

Fifteen-year-old Bailey Barrett from Ranger, Texas bought this horse from a rodeo stock contractor because he liked the way he looked and wanted to break him to use for a ranch horse.

The horse has not made his mind up just yet if he wants to be broke or not. What you are going to watch is the bronc not obeying the new owner. A different approach should be used with this kind of horse as he is being disobedient. Everyone might ask the question, “Why would this horse even want to trust someone who treats him the same as a bronc?” As a matter of fact, this is true. Best partnership with a horse involves mutual love and respect without the cruel spurs, sometimes not even necessary in the process of training. He keeps nailing the horse during the process and this is probably the reason why the horse reacts so severely towards his commands. There are more conventional ways of training a horse than using spurs. If you look closely at it, the horse started bucking when the rider jabbed him in the side. Watch and judge!

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