Big Fat Fail: Girl Falls From Horse As She Tries To Jump With No Hands!

It is not easy to ride a horse and it is harder if you try jumping with a horse. accidents happen and sometimes both the rider and the horse might get badly hurt or injured.

Despite this, sometimes it is funny to watch a fall without any consequences because they can put a smile on your face or even make your day. What you are going to watch in this video is a guy trying to jump with no hands and he suffers all the consequences as he bounces on the back of the pony and falls off. You can clearly see that he tried jumping with no hands and then the obvious conclusion is that he lost his balance and tried to get a grip of the reins. While doing this he accidentally touched the pony with his whip and then the pony bucked causing him to fall. The poor pony might have been a little bit confused and might have had a “What the hell” thought when it felt him bounce off its butt. I think this is a funny clip! Watch and enjoy it!

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