Belgian Draft Horses And The Problem With Their Tails!

In the following video you are going to see a beautiful stallion. The stallion is called Tim van ‘t Bos and is the breed of Belgian draft horses. He is so gorgeous. Tim has a unique color, he has a grey body, black legs and face.  Belgian draft horses, like Tim, were used before as mostly working horses, but the time has changed and now are used as show horses or pleasure riding horses.


But these kinds of horses have a real big problem since the old days. Their owners cut their tails off, crazy right?! Their tails are cut off because it helps with working as the tail doesn’t get stuck in the land working tools. They essentially cared only about work and not the horses. The horses use their tails to keep away biting insects and even communicate their physical and emotional state. By cutting their tail you put them in a harm’s way. But thankfully in the recent years, Belgium has passed a law that no horses younger than 4 years old will have their tail cut off. Everyone should agree with this ruling because horses used for work are very rare now and Belgium has done a great job. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t a problem only in that country, it is global. We hope that it gets solved quickly and we don’t take what is natural for them. Watch the video and share your opinions with us!

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