Beautiful Rare Baby Horse Makes Her Way Outside For The Very First Time!

Coconut the Medicine Hat filly goes outside for the very first time. She is stretching her legs to an audience because the herd out back and her daddy are watching.

The horse’s tovero coat with medicine hat pattern is just stunning and amazing. The mom probably knows this and she just wants to show her baby off. Horses with medicine hats are extremely rare and are often deemed special animals who supposedly have special powers. I do not know about special powers, but one thing is for certain: Coconut is one beautiful little horse! it is amazing how the mother can be so protective of her child because when the owner steps closer she just hovers to protect her baby. According to American Indian legends, these kinds of horses are considered to be magical because they have the ability to protect their riders from injury or death during times of war. Anyway, this clip is really cute and adorable to watch. Enjoy it!

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