Baby Clydesdale Horse Likes To Show Off!

Clydesdale horses are one of the most recognized horses in the whole world. They were named Clydesdale because of the place they were found at in Scotland. The Clydesdale breed is mostly famous because they appeared in Budweiser commercials and are used by the British Cavalry. And the baby Clydesdale you are going to see in this video surely wants to be recognized.


The baby named Aidan was running around in a muddy morning and he galloped in front of the people that were watching them. He wanted to have fun with his admirers, so as he was running away he kicked up mud at all of them. As we all know horses are very intelligent creatures and Aidan surely did that on purpose. He wanted to show off and have a little fun with his admirers. So he kicked up some mud and got the reaction he wanted. The Clydesdale breed is known to be very gentle but Aidan doesn’t really stick to those words even though he didn’t do anything harmful. Never underestimate the intelligence of the horses. Watch the video for more and share your opinions with us!

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