An Appaloosa named Moonshine saves a Michigan pastor

A well-mannered Appaloosa gelding, Moonshine, who lives in St. Clair County in Michigan is called a hero because his actions helped to save a pastor who was pinned under a tractor.

All this started when his owner tried to load him into the trailer with the purpose to send him to a new farm. As a matter of fact, Moonshine, had no problem loading into a trailer but on this day he seemed not to like it and kept refusing. As long as the other farm was not far away, his owner, Thornson, and her friend decided on skipping the trailer and her friend rode the gelding while Thornson drove along. On the way Moonshine refused to go forward and spun around in circles. Thornson got out of the car to see what was going on to hear someone in the distance calling for help. They could see a man stuck beneath a lawnmower. They called 911 and stayed with the man until medical help arrived. “He said he was praying to God, and then God sent him a white horse,” said Thorson. “It was just amazing how God worked the whole situation out,” said Melissa Barney. “We have been laughing, though, since we found out what happened. Moonshine saved the pastor. What a sense of humor God has.”

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