Amazing Smart Horses Will Make You Laugh! (Video)

Are you sad or annoyed by someone or something that happened to you during the day? Maybe you do not have what to do and are bored? Do you want to add humor to your day? Then just watch this video of smart horses which will surely make you laugh and put a smile on your face.

Have you ever seen a horse flipping his water trough upright so that its owner can put food in there for it to eat? Have you ever seen a horse running at full gallop and then make a sliding stop? All these and much more are shown in this clip. Horses are really smart and you cannot make them do anything but they want to do it themselves. Researchers have shown that horses communicate flexibly with human caretakers depending on what specific knowledge those humans have on horses. They also say that horses can use symbols to communicate with humans which means that horses think carefully what is going on around them. A really smart horse has a really smart owner! Watch and enjoy the video!

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