Horse Bucks And Rider Jumps Without Irons!

In the following video you are going to see some amazing horse riding. The young woman goes through an entire showjumping course riding the horse without stirrups. That’s simply incredible. Stirrups are the irons attached to the horse’s saddle, to support the rider’s foot and to give them balance. Riding a horse normally is really hard, now imagine doing a showjumping course without stirrup irons.


The rider should really be complimented for her awesome riding. She goes through extreme bucking from the horse and she shows amazing balance and agility. Seeing the bucking in slow motion you are left in awe as the rider didn’t fall once on the ground. You can clearly see that the rider has so much experience riding the horse without the stirrup irons because anyone else not having that kind of experience who rides or show jumps would have fallen off. Unlucky at the end though, when the horse bucks again after exiting the course and this time the horse wins and the girl falls off. We hope she is okay and didn’t suffer any injuries. We advise everyone not to try and ride without stirrups because it requires a lot of training. Watch the video for more!

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