Trick Riding – Very Elegant And Extremely Dangerous At The Same Time!

What are you going to watch in this video is some amazing horse trick riding. The girl that is doing this amazing riding is called Emily Peebles. She is a 16-year-old girl and has been riding horses since she was six. Emily says that when other girls were dreaming of doing ballet, she wanted to Trick Ride. Her dreams started to come true when she saw one of the legends of the sports Niki Flundra perform at a Rodeo and she has been doing trick riding under her instructions for many years. Emily has performed in many events including Pincher Creek Alberta Rodeo, Chilliwak Mane Event etc.


Even though trick riding looks very elegant and beautiful, it is life-threatening. It is extremely dangerous because if you are not concentrated for one moment or the horse stumbles or bucks you can suffer terrifying injuries and even lose your life. Trick riding requires many years of training and should not even be tried by normal people. It requires that everything be secure such as the saddle, the right ground conditions, the peak level of fitness from the rider and tremendous ability and confidence in their skills. Watch the video for more and share your opinions with us!

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